Mortgage Brokers Mississauga

Why use a Mortgage Broker Mississauga?

Your bank might not have the the best mortgage rates or the most flexible mortgages for you.  Brokers work with all of the major banks, trust companies, mortgage investment corporations as well as private lenders and best of all their rates are best and their services are free!

Using mortgage brokers / mortgage agents will save you time and money as your bank may not have the best products or rates available in the market. A mortgage professional works for you. The services of a mortgage agent are at no cost to you as they are paid directly from the lenders. (exceptions apply to commercial and B Mortgages). Mortgage professionals also only need to check your credit score once, whereas when you shop on your own, every institution will check your credit report, which could ultimately lower your score.

Who is a Mortgage Professional?
A mortgage professional (or mortgage agent / mortgage broker) is an independent real estate professional who specializes in negotiating residential and commercial mortgages on your behalf. While mortgage agents work with the major banks, they work for you. This way, they can offer objective financial advice and find solutions that are right for you. Best of all, you get professional representation at no cost to you. Mortgage agents must be licensed by the Financial Services Commissions of Ontario.

They also take care of everything from negotiation the very best rate and terms with all the lenders, to ordering appraisals, doing the paperwork, and scheduling the closing so that you can continue your daily routine without hassle or inconvenience.

A Recent Refinance by a mortgage broker Mississauga, Ontario

A  mortgage refinance can save you thousands in rates if you make a few adjustments to how you handle monthly debt. Here’s an example of saving $1408 every month! That’s $16,896 of extra money you will have at the end of one year.

Current Mortgage

Current Mortgage

Home Value $450,000

Current Rate 3.2%

$250,000 Current Mortgage – Monthly $1200

$33,000 Car Loan – Payment $745/month

$28,000 Credit Cards 19% int. $840/month

Total $2,785/month

A recent second mortgage example by a mortgage broker Mississauga

A second Mortgage can save you thousands if you make a few adjustments to how you handle monthly debt. Here’s an example of saving $1,131 every month! That’s $13,572 of extra money you will have at the end of one year.

Current Mortgage

Home Worth $550,000

Current Rate 2.9%

Current 1st Mortgage Payment $1,404

$300,000 Mortgage Balance

$26,500 Tax Arrears $600/month

$23,500 Credit Cards $705/month

Total $2,709/month

A Recent Self Employed Example by a mortgage broker Mississauga

Self Employed Mortgages are becoming harder to get with tighter rules in mortgage lending. Fortunately if you work with a mortgage broker who has good relationships with lenders you will be able to obtain a mortgage at a good rate. We have great relationships with both traditional lenders and alternate lenders.


Bob is self employed, has excellent credit but doesn't have a lot of profit showing on his tax return. Because he is a sole proprietor, his expenses are recorded on his personal tax return. This is something banks just can't deal with. We were able to match Bob with one of our lenders and get his the mortgage to buy his dream home.Home Purchase $600,000

Downpayment $200,000

Mortgage $400,000

Interest Rate $2.9%

Monthly Payment $1872

For the past several years the housing market in the GTA has been accelerating. House values in greater Toronto have skyrocketed and this has flowed over to surrounding areas like Mississauga.

Mississauga is a great option for commuters and offers families great home options. We work in the Mississauga area providing Mississauga families mortgage solutions for all types of financial needs. Whether you are a first-time home buyer and need your first mortgage along with help understanding the process, require a second mortgage, are self employed, investing, consolidating debt, paying off your credit cards, we have a mortgage solution for your needs.

As licensed mortgage agents we work with home buyers to find the best mortgage available form major banks, credit unions, trust companies and mortgage institutions who specialize in home lending. Not all mortgages are made the same and we have access to unpublished special mortgages not available to the public, which is why it’s important to work with a mortgage advisor like her.

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